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of new customers will 'Google' you first

Putting it simply - your website is vital

of table bookings are done online

How many are you missing out on?

of people that couldn't book online went somewhere else

That's after trying to phone

of websites are accessed via a mobile

Even gran is doing it

of websites are accessed via a tablet

As desktops become tablets, this will increase

Pub Website Features

All the features you would expect plus lots of awesome ones you wouldn't


At websites4pubs we've been continually developing the system since 2005 with the majority of features being requested by our customers. From online food ordering which has developed a takeaway and delivery option now, to table booking and even table layouts.

All these other features were developed at clients requests: blog page, automated adverts, accommodation system, reviews, real ales and craft beers pages, one-click football fixture adding. Most importantly all these new features were developed at no cost to the client.


Unrivalled Support

We believe that support is key in our business. Not only will we help you when you ask for it, but we proactively go through client websites at intervals to check they are looking ok and suggest alterations where necessary.


WE CARE. You're not just another customer. The more successful you are then the more successful we are.


Website features you need

Don't compromise...ALL features come as standard.



Questions to ask when considering a new website


WHY do you need a new one?


Don't like the style then consider asking your existing developer for a quote first.


That may seem strange advice as you're obviously interested in a websites4pubs site but styles change, things get dated and web developers change too. At least you'll get a quote to compare to. Feel free to point them in our direction - we actually have a lot of web developers that use our system on behalf of clients. They are happy because they can do the fun stuff - the design, and often content manage for you too. Plus no technical worries. You're happy as you are getting the best system but still using a local provider.



Don't believe the sales hype


Web salespeople are very good at scare tactics and bamboozling. You'll hear a load of tosh like:

"If your website isn't mobile responsive the sky will fall down and there'll be world war 3"

They'll then proceed to show you the same website layout on every device and it squeezes and stretches to fit as you turn your phone and ipad this way and that.




Now start scrolling and scrolling and scrolling on your phone. Bored yet?


What they don't tell you:


  • All 'responsive' ipad & desktop sites are starting to look the same.
  • They are slow (they need a lot more code than normal sites)
  • Featureless (because being designed for mobile means sacrificing some things)
  • That Google is now moving away from suggesting old style responsive is the best way.


websites4pubs sites are accelerated for mobilesOur sites are responsive but not how most web developers still think. They respond to the device and show the site in the best way for the user. If you are on a phone you are not using a precision device like a mouse, you are essentially using a chunky finger on a small bit of glass. That means things need to be different. Big buttons for a start. Less content for another - "no chaff"


Mobile websites should be sleek and fit for purpose. NOT the same as your desktop version!


Put yourself in your own customers shoes. If you are on a phone looking at a pub website it is because you are in a car, walking or generally on the go.


You haven't sat down for a good read, you want info and you want it fast. You want opening times, events, menus or contact info.


Why make it hard with supersized PDF's or scroll scroll scroll to find contact numbers at the bottom of a mega long page!


We invested a lot of time making websites4pubs on mobile a more customer centric experience. Some clients think their mobile sites are ' apps'.

"You only need a basic website to show events and menus only need to be PDFs, you don't need to type them in"

Actually you need a website that is quick for you to add events, with enough attention paid to the website system so you can tell customers what exactly a Six Hand Luke at 9pm is. Oh and that information really needs to be found by Google in a format that it can use. Same applies to opening times and food menus and other stuff.


And menus that are printed as lovely A3 folded glossy multicoloured with spectacular images just look terrible in PDFs. Wait 5 minutes for it to download, open it and scroll around looking for something. No thanks.



Don't assume all your customers are clones. They all drink different things, eat different food, like different entertainment.


You need a website for your pub, bar or restaurant that caters for everyone.


That means fully featured, not feature limited.






What pub website features do you need?

All our features come as standard. Does your website?

We've only been able to mark features where competitors have stated what they do or don't do on their websites. We did try asking but they went a bit shy.


Where specific pages have been featured such as Tourism it is because within websites4pubs they are proper 'database driven' pages. That is where you enter basic content without worrying about styling it and the system displays it fully formatted and styled to your site.


Any content management system can have unlimited pages and you enter your own content but it is difficult to style.