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Emphatic Support

How long before my website will be up and running?

We aim for all orders to be completed within 7 days of the wizard being completed.


I've lost my WIZARD login details

Please check your email from when you ordered the system. If you can't find it then please contact us.


I've lost my WEBSITE login details

Have you tried requesting a password reminder? Passwords are case sensitive.


Can you transfer a domain name?

If you own it then we can help with that.


Can I host my website myself?



Can you work with my graphic designer?

Of course, we work easily with everyone. Regarding design, we will work with your designer to ensure we meet any specifications as close as possible.


Less Frequent Questions


I'm leaving my pub, how do I cancel?

Please contact us so we stop your payments collection.


General System Support

You can access the user guide from the help and support section of the admin. If there is something not covered in that then please contact us.


Sensible contact options. You get that with websites4pubs.

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