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Mobile friendly websites

Make sure your website works on a mobile. There is no point having an all singing all dancing flashy website if it looks rubbish on a mobile. Why? because as much as 80% of your new customers will look for you on their phone first.

Don't forget the desktop users

So many websites are geared to work on mobiles, but look dreadful on desktop PC's. Think about who uses what and when. Desktop users are likely to be at work, or viewing on an ipad (assuming the ipad is showing a desktop version of the website). They will have more time, and may even read the content rather than skim it!. Mobile users are likely to be on the go and just want the info. They don't want massive files to download or hunt through millions of photos to find your address or opening times.

Security of your website

Make sure your website is running under a secure certificate. Read more about secure sites. It is a topic that will hit the headlines more and more.

Your PC security

Every week there are new reports of major hacking, viruses, malware and the biggest recently is the ransomware that crippled the NHS. They had old windows PCs. And there is the lesson. Always keep your operating system up to date and install updates immediately - they are released for a reason. Always use legitimate software - never think a dodgy copy of MS Word is ok because 100% of the time it's not. It will be laden with viruses.

Here's our top tips for staying safe:

  • Never use default passwords on anything. Install a password manager on your PC, most security software has one.
  • Always use security software, McAfee, Kaspersky, Symantec, Sophos are the top ones. Avoid Free Anti Virus software, it's got nothing to lose if it doesn't work, those other companies have everything to lose.
  • Don't use images from the web. Most images on the web are subject to copyright. Just because it is in Google search results doesn't mean you can use it on your own website. Getty Images have people that are paid on finding images that are unlicensed. They will fine you at least £300 and take you to court if you don't pay and they usually win. Not knowing an image was copyrighted is not a defence.
  • Always run the latest version of operating system. Windows 10 is the only one you should be using if you have a PC. If your hardware is too a new PC.

Cananonical your address

Can a what a cal? quite simply aim to ensure your website is either www or non-www. For instance you will never get to because it always returns as Both www and non-www are valid, but if not "connected" then google sees them as two websites and you get penalised for duplicate content.

Beware the image heavy website

There is a growing trend for websites that are devoid of content and just full of images. Increasingly you will find some websites are appearing beneath their tripadvisor review page, or some directory listing. That's not what you want because if potential customers are on such sites they are also being shown other venues to consider. Remember that the likes of opentable and are for the customer - they are looking after them, not you. The only way to ensure you get a captive audience is if they are on your own website. ensure your website has a good mix of images and content.