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Secure Websites for Pubs and Restaurants

DID YOU KNOW? When you visit a website, the content that is passed between your PC and the website server is easily intercepted by a third party.

secure websitesWho cares if someone is looking at the opening times of your pub?

But what about when someone completes a booking form with their personal details such as name, email, phone, address details?

What about when they register for your newsletter, probably with the same password they use elsewhere?

Your customers won't be impressed if their information is easily intercepted by criminals.

We protect our systems, your website and YOUR CUSTOMERS by forcing all our websites to be served on a secure server. Traffic between our servers and customers viewing your website is fully encrypted. Everytime. Every page.


Check your current website (ours are all A grade)


Secure Websites

  • Require a special certificate that is stored on the server.
  • The certificate validates that the domain name being visited IS the domain name shown.
  • The certificate encrypts the information passed between the server and browser.
  • Our certificates are military strength and renewed frequently.


Why it matters in Google Search

  • Google are starting to penalise websites that are not secure.
  • Insecure websites will be penalised in Google Search results
  • Insecure websites with password entry fields will be heavily penalised.
  • Eventually, insecure websites will be much harder to find in google.
  • Fully secure websites will be scored higher than websites that only secure a few pages.
  • Essential reading:


Why it matters in Google Chrome

  • Initially insecure websites will be marked with an "i" next to the website address in the URL bar.
  • Starting January 2017 insecure pages with password fields will be marked as "not secure"
  • In future, all pages that are insecure will be marked as such.
  • It is expected that as many as 60-70% of people will avoid completing forms and making bookings on insecure websites.

Secure websites for pubs and restaurants. You get that with websites4pubs.

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